Everything you want
is on the other side of fear

I went into engineering because I wanted a challenge.
No day is the same. No problem the same. I have not been disappointed.

Software Engineer
CDK Global

Two years working as a full-stack developer; driving innovation to enhance performance and usability.
Sample Technologies: JavaScript (ES5/6) (AngularJS, ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS), Vagrant, RabbitMQ, AppDynamics

CDK Global

Selected as a top performer to work on high-impact business projects
Sent abroad to the UK for a project on application performance monitoring

Engineers Without Borders
University of Colorado

When two passions collide: engineering and travel
Worked on sustainable water protection projects in Ilam, Nepal with Engineers Without Borders

University of Colorado

BSME - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Honors Program
Ventures in High Tech Marketing - Grad-level Engineering Management

Why You Should Hire Me

(Currently happily employed)

I think I bring something different to a team
that is more than just a resumé.

  • I am Technically Capable

    I get excited about technical challenges. I know that I can pull from what I know, tweak, and apply to the new.

  • I am Driven

    When I want something, I make it happen. I have passion for technology. I am motivated to work hard to deliver projects I can be proud of.

  • I Care

    I'm involved with movements outside of work. I volunteer with Chicktech. I teach workshops during conferences. I try to get others as excited about tech as I am.

  • I am Qualified

    Promoted from Software Engineer I to Software Engineer II after 8 months, I was then accepted into the FastPath program as a top performing engineer in the company.

  • I Teach

    I share my knowledge. From Agile-in-a-day camps to classes on Angular to "How to Create a Personal Website," I enjoy passing on what I know. Sometimes I think I learn more than my students.

  • I Deliver

    Results matter. I am dedicated to deadlines and following through on deliverables. Each of my first three major projects have been finished on time.

Want To Work Together?

I'm interested in hearing about what you are doing! Drop me a line.